Physics for Poets

Physics for Poets

and poetry for physicists,

a niche market, I'll grant you.

What I know is not new.

It is something that must be relearned

by every generation and I have

elected myself as spokesperson,

find a language for the sounds

of that fleeting understanding

that we come from stars

that back into the centers of stars,

our atoms will converge and burn,

fly out as new and heavier elements

and this is good.

It's not that I'm afraid to die

she said, it's that I won't get to find out

how everything turned out. I hate that!

And so she ages past seventy-five, still

expecting to be surprised, again and again.

Common sense for dolts and poets

we will not be remembered

and this is good.

We will be but residue in the crucible

if we are not completely consumed.

Our atoms will be formed into

Sea water, magma, the glowing rings of dust

around some future planet far from here.

And in that form we will witness