The Lover Showeth How She is Now Enjoyed of Such as She Formerly was Forsaken

(after Sir Thomas Wyatt)

They seek me now that sometime did me flee

With faltering step they meet me at my table

I have seen them laugh with scorn and glee

That now do not remember how they were able

To set aside my charms before. They ramble,

Attempt to keep my interest--oh, they try--

Seeking their reflection in my eye.

Now they plead with me to grant them favor

But why should I, when, in my youth and fair

Of face, they had no time, and only swore

They had a date in some other smoky lair,

Pretended that they could not leave a pair

Of cufflinks on my bureau--no, not mine--

They had too many calls upon their time.

But all is turned around now, though my mind

Continues gentle, still it is bitter

To think that being built of stronger kind

Did little to commend my suit, fitter

My heart for loving them than they ever

Knew, though now it seems that they are ill-served

With what they thought I was so richly deserved.