You're Really Starting to Suck, Lisa: a Seventina

Blogs galore and even thinking about adding to yours

makes you tired, though it's a blog about chronic fatigue

syndrome. Too tired to shave your legs, thinking about

wearing those footless tights under the mini to this

so-called party; maybe you can pull it off. Why worry?

Too much dithering about the least little things,

not enough deciding. Unclench your teeth, your

buttocks too, get a grip. A year from now, who will

remember this night, this fan of fortune's cards

in your gin rummy hand? Who will be there? and

if he does come, will he even look at you, Lisa?

Don't even think of smiling. Now where have you left

the business end of your wit? You can knock

them back, pep talk your way out of any paper bag.

Up-and-at 'em, Lisa, parlay blog into book.

Any warm body seems to be able to get it done.

You, too, Lisa. One last cigarette for the road.